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All services provided

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Medicare, AFLAC, Life

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Business - Group Health

We offer options for small to mid-size businesses to optimize their coverage in the most cost-effective fashion.

Individual Health

We offer plans on the private market as well as the Federal Marketplace (Obamacare) for those who qualify. We can help you find out which options are the best for you. We are FFM certified, so we can help you through the process during open enrollment. The window for individual open enrollment begins on November 1 and ends on December 15. It is extremely critical to adhere to this deadline, so we work with our clients to ensure coverage before the window closes.


If you are within 6 months of turning age 65, this is a very critical time in your healthcare coverage. Clients are typically inundated with a flurry of mail with information about parts of medicare, and they need guidance to clarify what is in their best interest. When you need someone to trust, who will give you the straighforward answers you need, FWT Insurance Services can give unbiased answers you need, and is contracted with all of the carriers.


When is the best time to buy dental insurance?
Whether you want to keep that full set of teeth strong, or if you need extensive work, it is important to have the right dental plan in place. Have kids? Dental insurance is worth your investment. Whether it is a discount plan, or an insurance plan, FWT Insurance can provide options that best offset the high costs of dental care.


Whether you are traveling outside of the country or if you know someone that is coming to the U.S. to visit, FWT Insurance can discuss your options. Comprehensive travel health plans will cost you a fraction of what your costs would be if you should need health care while visiting other countries.


The best way to combat the cost of high deductibles and low levels of coverage while putting cash in your pocket is through supplemental plans through AFLAC. For businesses, AFLAC offers low cost plans for accidents, hospitalization, cancer, critical illness and disability. Cancer is also available to individuals.

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